Spanish For Green is a small team with a dream. 

Create great games the right way. 

For 3 months our small team has spent hundreds of hours designing, programming and putting together all the pieces of our first real game. All while working full time and dealing with the trials and tribulations of life. 

The design of the game is done, the tool implementation has finished, character art is looking good, and sound is coming down the pipeline. 

We have one snag: Cost

As a group we’ve reached as far as we can go with (Free) Open Source options and the price of purchasing the hardware/licenses we need to keep working dwarf the meager savings/income we have as a group.  

We have continued to press on through problem after problem (Our Team’s Artist bricked his computer and now shares my personal PC to get work done) and hopefully this problem won’t stop us

Help us out and buy a shirt! If you can’t, tell your friends. we’d appreciate the support. You can buy the shirt on our TeeSpring or Share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook

Hey guys!!! I know I haven’t been on much at all like in the past month but its because 1) my computer is busted and 2) I’ve been working on this!!

Me and a few of my roommates are busting our asses trying to get this game done but  were tight on funds, and we really need your help so please go pledge for a shirt or if you don’t have the funds, signalboost?

It’s 8 degrees (Celsius) here right now

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on twitter, ning requested sam and tucker lightly teasing about danny’s love life, but in a good “we’re ur friends and ur a loser bc we love u” way, lol.

i did vlad/danny and it’s placed in me and lyn’s mini monster au bc i didn’t know how else to make it work, lol.

to be clear, vlad is their age in this au. (more about the au here: minimonsterau)


“Hey, where’s Vlad?” Tucker asked as he was sitting on Danny’s bed. Sam was lounging on the floor, pulling out notebooks. Danny was sitting in his computer chair. They were all in Danny’s bedroom, getting ready for a small study group.

“I think he got dragged into another of my dad’s rants about ghosts and his latest inventions.” Danny answered, opening up his laptop.

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reporter clockwork interrupted during live ghost broadcasting :: A Website for Artists and Commissioners!


Wonderful news: The website is finally ready for public release!

This website has been made with the hopes to (over time) develop into a go-to art resource for young/hobbyist artists wanting to sell commissions, and commissioners wanting to buy their art. Artists can look through ads made by commissioners and pick out commissions they want to do, and in return, commissioners can choose which interested artist gets to do the work. (it can work in many other ways as well, it doesn’t always have to be through ads! Commissioners can directly contact any artist they like!)

This site was made specifically for the young online art community. Our intentions when building this site was to target the audience of young artists and hobbyists, as well as fans of these artists, and bring them together in one place where the community can thrive and grow.

Unlike other commissioning sites that only recruit professional/specific artists to use their site, set prices for you, take out service fees/percentages from the artist’s income, and be the middle man between the artist and commissioner, our website is completely free to use, ANYONE can join, and we’ll NEVER get in the way between an artist and a commissioner. You have the freedom and control to sell/buy art work as you please.

All payments are done on your own personal terms. No fees or charges are made in transactions because payments for commissions are not done through our site. All transactions are done however an artist chooses to do them (such as through their paypal). (For example: On DeviantART or here on Tumblr, artists use their email or the site’s messaging system to communicate with commissioners and exchange payment info. My Artist works the same exact way. The only difference is it’s an organized “art market” and brings the art community to one convenient place!)

Did I mention anyone and everyone can join and share their creativity? It’s not just for 2D artists, it’s for all creators. Writers, Crafters, Musicians, Adult Artists, everyone.

For More information on what this site contains, please see my tag on the project here:

The site will definitely be slow at first because it is new, but we’re hoping that traffic will eventually pick up and it will become something everyone can use. Please signal boost to get the word out that the site is now open to the public!

This site was a project my fiance and I decided to do in our free time outside of work. We wanted to make something useful that all artists and fans can use. We hope you enjoy using the site as much as we enjoyed making it.

There are still some minor bugs that we’re working on, but in the meantime, you can sign up, explore the site, join the forum, and publish ads!

Hi everyone! chicky here~ eve got some quality sleep and watched two episodes of HxH

Gon is more precious and sweet than i ever imagined i love him

*curls up on ground*

i sleeps

Big bad wolf~ (with Danny Phantom) ( I also apologize for all the really lame prompts I send you. orz I'm bad at coming up with prompts. orz )


Danny jumped in surprise when he saw a pair of gleaming red eyes in the shadows. The figure stepped out, a wolf with a sharp smile looking at him. Danny nervously moved back, clinging to his backpack.

"I don’t think I seen you around these parts, young man." The wolf said, still smiling.

"Just in the neighborhood, sir. I’m just going to visit family." Danny said.

"Sir? No need for sir, young man. I’m Vlad. You are?" The wolf said, pointing his claws to Danny.

"Um, I-I’m Danny. And I should be going. Sorry for troubling you." Danny said. He turned around, flipping his red hood up and sticking his hands in his hoodie’s pockets.

Danny got stopped when the wolf zoomed around him. “No trouble whatsoever, Daniel! Please, you look tired and these woods can be very dangerous. Perhaps a small nap under the tree will make you feel better. I’ll keep guard.”

Danny blushed and cleared his throat. “N-No thank you. I gotta get going. My sister is waiting for me. S-See you later, Vlad.”

Vlad grabbed Danny’s hand before he could run off. “Oh, come now. I’m sure your sister will understand. A small nap never hurt anybody.”

Danny eyed the wolf carefully, his face red. “You’re not planning anything funny, are you?” He asked.

"Dear boy, of course not! I worry about the youths that just come into these woods. Let me do you this one favor, Daniel." Vlad said, smiling.

Danny stared at the wolf, thinking. “Well, I guess…one small nap wouldn’t hurt…”

"Just as I said, just as I said!" Vlad said, pulling Danny to the oak tree. He settled the boy down. "Just close your eyes and sleep. I’ll keep guard, I promise."

Danny sighed and closed his eyes. He started to drifted off and soon fell asleep. Vlad grinned down at Danny. 'Not a very bright boy, is he?' He thought, chuckling.

Vlad rubbed his chin in thought as he stared down at the sleeping teenager. “His sister, hmm? He must mean the little cottage by the falls.” He said quietly to himself. “Perhaps I should go pay Jasmine a visit…”


My internet wasn’t working. So have a Prince Danny and Sir Plasmius before Starfall started. I love black and gold very much ok


My internet wasn’t working. So have a Prince Danny and Sir Plasmius before Starfall started. I love black and gold very much ok



Just think about Vlad having to follow that vampire rule where they have to be invited into a room… and how that probably affected his reputation.

"Oh you’re the new intern, right? I’m Becky from HR. Nice to meet you! I just need to put a few more things on your desk before you get started…"

But Vlad doesn’t move to follow her, instead he eyes the office haughtily.

"… Uh, you ARE Vlad, right? Vlad Masters?"

"Yes I am." he says, annoyed, "Aren’t you going to invite me in?"

The flustered HR sputters a “Y-yes of course! Right, ah… c-come in!” and immediately rumors start flying that Vlad comes from some well-to-do background like old money or even royalty… and to be honest at this point he just rolls with it— no need to concern oneself with fantastical assumptions spread by mortals…